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National Park Service Rules for Boondocking

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Included here is the full text of actual National Park Service (NPS) rules and regulations with respect to boondocking, camping, driving, and other recreational programs. We did not, however, include rules that do not directly affect campers and boondockers.

NPS Rules for Boondocking

All NPS rules for boondocking, camping, driving, and other recreational programs are codified under…

Part 2. Resource Protection, Public Use and Recreation

This is where the bulk of the rules exist for boondockers and campers.

Part 3. Boating and Water Use Activities

These rules are specific to boating and swimming.

Part 4. Vehicles and Traffic Safety

Rules for driving and off-roading.

Part 7. Special Regulations, Areas of the National Park System

Special rules for each individual national park.



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