US Fish & Wildlife Service

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Rules for Boondocking

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We have only included a specific set of rules that pertain to campers, boondockers, hunters, fishermen who plan to use refuge facilities and campgrounds. We did not include the rules pertaining to the act of fishing or hunting.


US Fish & Wildlife Service rules and regulations for Refuge Campgrounds are codified under…

Administrative Provisions (§§ 25.11 – 25.72)

General provisions and definitions concerning public use of refuge facilities

Public Entry and Use (§§ 26.11 – 26.41)

Rules relating to public access and use of refuge facilities

Prohibited Acts (§§ 27.11 – 27.97)

What you can and cannot do at a refuge campground

Enforcement, Penalty, and Procedural Requirements for Violations of Subchapter C (§§ 28.11 – 28.43)

How abandoned property and unsupervised dogs and cats are handled

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