About Boondocker’s Bible

What is Boondocker's Bible, who writes it, and who owns it?

What is Boondocker’s Bible?

Boondocker’s Bible is intended to be a “fact-based” guide to off-grid camping, dispersed camping, and free camping. It’s geared primarily to RVers, van-dwellers, skoolies, and car-campers. Its goal is to present fact-checked answers to questions about boondocking, public lands, laws and regulations.

Geared for Beginners

Boondocker’s Bible was written with the beginning boondocker in mind. It’s assumed you already have a vehicle to boondock in, and may have even boondocked a little. It’s also assumed that you’ve already spent a good deal of time in developed campgrounds and RV parks and are ready to get far away from crowds and expensive fees.

What Does Boondocker’s Bible Provide?

Boondocker’s Bible was written to teach you how to become an expert boondocker. It’s goal is to teach you…

  • How to find free public lands to camp on your own
  • Provide a free online USA satellite map with public land overlays
  • About the different state and public land management agencies and what their camping laws and regulations are
  • How to prepare yourself for camping off-grid far away from services
  • About the basics of solar panels, battery banks, and generators
  • Dispel common myths and misconceptions about boondocking

Written By Real Boondockers

All articles and resources on Boondocker’s Bible was written, created, and curated by a team of veteran boondockers with decades of collective experience in off-grid, vehicle-based camping. Each member of this team believes that camping on public lands has so much more to offer than private campgrounds and RV parks, yet only a minority of people take advantage of this amazing resource.

More About Us

Steve – Currently lives in a 28 foot toy hauler trailer and works as a website developer. Steve caught the digital nomad-bug in 2010 during a 30-day motorcycle ride from San Diego, CA to Fairbanks, AK and back. In 2013 he made it permanent by living on his motorcycle full time. In 2017 he moved into his present-day trailer. Loves craft beer and hanging out at breweries. Began building websites in 1996, and has been doing it professionally ever since.

Sash – Currently lives in a 2011 Chevy Suburban 4×4 that she converted into an overland camper. She runs her own marketing consulting business and drives across the country visiting clients and attending marketing events. Sash often camps as deep into the woods as she can without losing cellphone service, but also loves overnighting on the beach.

John – Currently lives in a fifth-wheel trailer and boondocks wherever there is a plenitude of good hiking. An electrical geek by nature, he has close to 3,000 watts of solar on his rig with three Tesla Model S batteries. John also runs a mobile RV service, repairing and installing solar, battery, and electrical systems. Visit his website, “BoonDoctor” and call him if you need help.