About Boondocker's Bible

Boondocker’s Bible

Boondocker’s Bible is intended to be a “fact-based” guide to off-grid camping, dispersed camping, and free camping. It’s geared primarily to RVers, van-dwellers, skoolies, and car-campers. Our goal is to present “truthful answers” to questions about boondocking.

Written By Real Boondockers

We’re full time boondockers and road nomads ourselves, living and working from road and wherever we can find open, public lands to set up camp. We love being out in nature, visiting new places, going out on hikes, and calling a new place our home every week or two.

We power our lives with solar panels, battery banks, propane, and water tanks. When we camp, we don’t hook up. We drive our rigs deep into federal and state-owned wilderness and live among the flora and fauna.

We started Boondocker’s Bible to give real world answers to your questions about boondocking. We cite actual state and federal laws and regulations. We tell you exactly what real-world boondockers do, and why they do the way they do it.

Geared for Beginners

Boondocker’s Bible was written with the beginning boondocker in mind. We assume you already own an RV, and may have even boondocked a little. But for the most part, we assume that you currently use your RV at RV Parks and paid campgrounds.

We wrote Boondocker’s Bible to teach you how to find free public lands to camp on your own. We ARE NOT a crowd-sourced directory of reviews. We do publish our list of free campsites that we personally have boondocked. Our goal here is to reveal how veteran boondockers find their own places for boondocking without relying on other people’s reviews.

More About Us

Steve – Currently lives in a 28 foot toy hauler trailer and works as a website developer. Steve began his life on the road in 2013 on a motorcycle, and traveled this way for 3 years. In 2017 he moved into his present-day trailer. Loves craft beer and hanging out at breweries. Began building websites in 1996 and has been working for himself since 2003. Steve took off on his motorcycle in 2010 on a 30-day trip from San Diego, CA to Fairbanks, AK, and caught the vagabonding bug.

Sash – Currently lives in a 2011 Chevy Suburban 4×4 that she converted into an overland camper. She runs her own marketing consulting business and drives across the country visiting clients and attending marketing events. Sash often camps as deep into the woods as she can without losing cellphone service, but also loves overnighting on the beach.

John – Currently lives in a toy hauler and boondocks wherever there is a plenitude of good hiking. An electrical geek by nature, he has close to 3,000 watts of solar with three Tesla Model S batteries, and has enough power to run both of his air conditioning units for 24 hours straight. John also runs a mobile RV service, repairing and installing solar, battery, and electrical systems. Visit his website, “BoonDoctor” and call him if you need help.