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Enroll in our Boondocking E-Mail Series!

Learn how to become an expert boondocker through our easy to understand weekly series. Each week, we will send you an e-mail containing a boondocking course, a recommended boondocking campsite, and a tip on how make boondocking work better for you.

What Will You Receive?

  • Learn how to find boondocking sites
  • Learn how to use BLM and USFS maps
  • Learn what the rules and regulations are
  • Learn what tools you should keep on hand
  • Get our recommended boondocking site of the week!
  • No sales pitches, no memberships, just our helpful content delivered to you, once a week.
  • There will be an “unsubscribe” link in each e-mail, so you can stop the mailings.

Let our content come to you!

We’ve already published a lot of boondocking content here on our website, but we’ve learned that so many people would rather have this information come to them. That’s why we’ve created this e-mail series.

Start Saving Money on Camping!

Heck, you spent a lot of money for your RV! So why spend a lot more on camping? Enjoy your RV in nature, on free government land! Get away from noisy kids and rude neighbors! There’s free camping out there waiting for you! But where do you find it, how do you get to it?

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