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  • Please identify the exact location of this campsite (either provide GPS coordinates, or street address).
  • Provide a detailed description of this campsite: What are the road conditions? Is 4WD necessary or recommended? Is a permit required to camp here? Is this campsite clean or trashy? Is it quiet or noisy? What is your overall experience camping here?
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Official name of a free campground, or the name this campground is commonly called, or make up a name based on the proximity to a road, landmark, or other feature.
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If this campsite is a developed campground located along an marked road with a street address. If this is a boondocking site on public land, fill out as much as you can.
You can get GPS coordinates from Google Maps by right-clicking (or long-tapping) on the map.
Write a description of this campsite, your personal experience camping here, what amenities are available (picnic table, fire ring, vault toilet, etc.), road conditions getting in here, do you feel 4WD vehicle is required?
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