Coon Creek Yellow Post Sites

San Bernardino National Forest

Free Camping Near Big Bear, CA

Coon Creek Yellow Post Sites are a series of nineteen (19) campsites, each marked by a yellow post, all situated along Forest Road 1N02, near Highway 38. Thee sites are also close to Sand to Snow National Monument, with sites 15-19 being just inside. These sites were designated by the Mountaintop Ranger District of San Bernardino National Forest as free campsites. Each campsite is restricted to a single party of campers, with no more than eight (8) persons and two vehicles. All sites are first come, first serve, no reservations.

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San Bernardino National Forest, Mountaintop Ranger District

Mountaintop Ranger District Office:
Tel: (909) 382-2790


GPS: 34.15155,-116.76966 (Site #1)
Reservations: first-come, first-served
Camping Fee: none
Maximum Stay: 14 days in any 30-day period
Amenities: Fire rings, picnic tables


San Bernardino NF Visitor Guide, published by USFS, 2018
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Coon Creek Yellow Post Sites, San Bernardino NF

Note: Sites 1-10 and 15-19 have been mapped above. We have not found sites 11-14.

Sites 1-10 are easy to access by any vehicle, 2WD is fine, along trailers and motorhomes. These sites are large and can fit any sized RV.

Sites 15-19 will require 4WD and high clearance due to steep inclines and rough road. Sites tend to be smaller here.

How Crowded: Sites 1-10 tend to be very popular due to easier road access and larger sites. Site 15-19 offer more availability due to 4WD requirement.

How Noisy or Peaceful: Sites 1-10 can get noisy due to heavy use and from being closer together. Sites 15-19 offer more peace and quiet, and from having more separation between sites.

Cellular Phone Signal: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile come in around 2 bars, generally fair signal strength.

Road Conditions: Forest Road 1N02 is hard packed gravel easy to drive for any vehicle up to site #10. After that, the road becomes bumpy, and when you reach site #15, four wheel drive will be required.

Amenities Within Campground: Just picnic tables and fire rings.

Cost of Camping: It’s free to camp at these sites, first come, first serve.

Campfires: Campfires are allowed during certain times when fire restrictions have been lifted. Otherwise, the entire State of California requires a campfire permit, which are free, and can be obtained online from CalFire Campfire Website.

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