Joshua Tree BLM South – Chiriaco Summit, CA

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Probably one of the most popular BLM areas for boondockers in Southern California, Joshua Tree BLM South lies right on the southern border of Joshua Tree National Park. It’s land managed by the BLM, is free to camp on, and offers a free access into Joshua Tree NP. There’s plenty of room for about hundred RVs, and its spread out for miles. You get plenty of elbow room, close access to Joshua Tree NP, and reasonable proximity to town.

Joshua Tree BLM South, Chiriaco, California

Chiriaco Summit is the name of a gasoline station stop along I-10, about 5 miles east of Cottonwood Springs Rd, right where it crosses Interstate 10. It happens to be the closest place name associated with Joshua Tree BLM South.

This area of BLM land had long been used by Joshua Tree National Park as an overflow camping site. The campgrounds inside Joshua Tree NP get booked up very quickly, and as a result, many campers hoping for a starry-night weekend amidst boulders and joshua trees, get sent to this place.

But it turns out, it’s a very popular boondocking site. Thousands of boondockers, every winter, come here and stay for a few nights to a few weeks.

The best time to camp here is from mid-February to early March. This is when wildflowers are at their peak. In some places, you’ll see carpets of purple lupine, golden poppies, and yellow daisies. And you can camp right in the middle of it all.

In years past, campers could boondock on either side of Cottonwood Springs Rd. But recently, the Metropolitan Water District, which leases land from the BLM, has shut down the land east of Cottonwood Spring Rd. This was the more spread out part of Joshua Tree BLM South, whereas the west side of the road remains open for boondocking, but has always been more dense with campers.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Super-easy access, right off the Interstate, lots of places to camp, excellent Verizon 4G signal, completely free, no mosquitoes, no rats or mice, reasonable quiet, no campfire restrictions.

Cons: Some roads can be sandy and soft, flash flooding usually occurs at least once a year, some trash can be found strewn about, can get crowded during the wildflower bloom.


Effectively no amenities. Chiriaco Summit offers a gas station with propane tank fill and convenience store. Cottonwood Springs Campground, inside Joshua Tree NP, offers a dump station with potable water fill, as well as trash dumpsters.

Cellphone Signal Strength

Verizon 4G comes in excellent here. There is a cell phone tower located nearby that also carries AT&T.

RV Dump Station

Cottonwood Springs Campground, inside Joshua Tree NP, about 7 miles from the southern park boundary, offers a dump station with potable water fill. It asks for $5.00 on the honor system.

Insects, Pests, & Wildlife

Almost no pests here. We found no mosquitoes, but moths and houseflies will gather. We found no rats or mice scurrying about, no coyotes wandering, no raccoons.


Joshua Tree BLM South remains pretty peaceful, even during peak wildflower bloom. Occasionally, you may hear a dirt bike rider or side-by-side roar by, but it’s few and far between. It’s rare to hear someone shooting guns.

Safe or Sketchy?

Boondocking here seems pretty safe. Even despite many campers being here, they all seem to be dedicated boondockers who respect one another. We often left our trailer unattended to drive into town for supplies, and never had a problem.


There’s no reservations, there’s not even first-come, first-serve. It’s all dispersed camping, you’re on your own.

Any Permits Needed?

No permits are required here. If you drive into Joshua Tree NP, the southern border does not have a pay station. However, if you drive all the way north out the other entrance, you will be asked to pay a park fee. If you never go all the way north, you will never be asked to pay a park fee.

How Crowded Is It?

It’s mostly crowded during mid-February to early March when the wildflower bloom is at its peak. But, you will see several RVs boondocked here all throughout Fall, Winter, and Spring. You won’t find any secluded camping here, it’s a popular boondocking area.


Bureau of Land Management
Palm Springs Field Office

Palm Springs Field Office:
Tel: (760) 833-7100


Overflow Camping, Joshua Tree National Park, published by National Park Service, 2015
Joshua Tree National Park Map, published by National Park Service, 2018


GPS: 33.6742, -115.8027


Nearest Town: Chiriaco Summit, CA


Price: Free

Max Stay: unspecified

Amenities: none

Access: paved road from I-10, hard packed gravel to soft sand in the camping areas

Verizon Coverage: Excellent, 5/5 bars

Crowded: Yes, between mid-February to early March, moderately full rest of the year

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  • Roy Defenbaugh says:

    Is Nudity allowed ?

    February 9, 2021 at 11:45 am
    • Steve Johnson says:

      Roy, the BLM does not have any rules against public nudity, although it does have a rule against “creating a hazard or nuisance”. So as long as you’re keeping your nudity confined to your camp, and well away from others, the BLM doesn’t care. However, the BLM does allow state and local laws to apply. Every state has laws against public nudity, hence it’s technically illegal on BLM lands. With respect to Joshua Tree BLM South, I’d recommend setting up camp further away from others, and go willy-nilly all you want. For more discussion about nude camping on federal lands, see…

      February 9, 2021 at 1:57 pm
  • Lauren Garcia says:

    Peaceful camping and shooting guns do not really go together. Could not relax with shots being fired the whole time.

    February 20, 2021 at 3:59 pm
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