Stone Creek Yellow Post Sites

San Bernardino National Forest

Free Camping Near Idyllwild, CA

Stone Creek Yellow Post Sites are a series of two (2) campsites, each marked by a yellow post, all situated along San Jacinto Truck Trail (Forest Road 5S09, west of Idyllwild town limits. These sites were designated by the San Jacinto Ranger District of San Bernardino National Forest as free campsites. Each campsite is restricted to a single party of campers, with no more than eight (8) persons and two vehicles. All sites are first come, first serve, no reservations.

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San Bernardino National Forest, San Jacinto Ranger District

San Jacinto Ranger District Office:
Tel: (909) 382-2921


GPS: 33.77111, -116.76846 (Site #1)
Reservations: first-come, first-served
Camping Fee: none
Maximum Stay: 14 days in any 30-day period
Amenities: Fire rings, picnic tables


San Bernardino NF Visitor Guide, published by USFS, 2018

Stone Creek Yellow Post Sites, San Bernardino NF, San Jacinto Ranger District

4WD is definitely required to get to these two sites. The road up is steep, there is soft sand in places, rutted, and in some places trees and shrub have grown across the road and will brush against your vehicle. In some places, the road is very narrow with only enough room for one vehicle at a time.

Site #1 – Suitable for only cars, vans, and pickup trucks.

Site #2 – Suitable for only cars, vans, and pickup trucks.

How Crowded: These sites tend to remain open much more than other Yellow Post sites due to the road requiring 4WD.

How Noisy or Peaceful: Very peaceful at both campsites, though Site #1 offers more seclusion.

Cellular Phone Signal: None of the three major carriers come in very well.

Road Conditions: San Jacinto Truck Trail is all dirt, and soft sand in several places. Heavily rutted, narrow in some places. Not suitable for RVs. Small trailers are okay, as long as you have a 4WD tow vehicle.

Amenities Within Campground: Just picnic tables and fire rings.

Cost of Camping: It’s free to camp at these sites, first come, first serve.

Campfires: Campfires are allowed during certain times when fire restrictions have been lifted. Otherwise, the entire State of California requires a campfire permit, which are free, and can be obtained online from CalFire Campfire Website.

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