Keller Peak Yellow Post Sites

Keller Peak Yellow Post Sites, San Bernardino NF Note: These sites are normally closed due to heavy snow from late Fall to late Spring. All sites are small in size, better suited for cars, vans, and pickup trucks. Small trailers under 20ft in length are probably okay. Keller Peak Rd is paved all the way ... Read more

East Flats Road

East Flats Road, San Bernardino NF How Crowded: This area gets heavily used during the warmer months, though there are plenty of campsites that it’s unlikely you’ll get denied. How Noisy or Peaceful: Weekends can get noisy from numerous campers throwing parties through the night. During the week, it’s far more peaceful. Cellular Phone Signal: Weak signal from ... Read more

Coon Creek Yellow Post Sites

Coon Creek Yellow Post Sites, San Bernardino NF Note: Sites 1-10 and 15-19 have been mapped above. We have not found sites 11-14. Sites 1-10 are easy to access by any vehicle, 2WD is fine, along trailers and motorhomes. These sites are large and can fit any sized RV. Sites 15-19 will require 4WD and ... Read more

Clark’s Ranch Yellow Post Site

Clark’s Ranch Yellow Post Site, San Bernardino NF How Crowded: This single site is frequently occupied during the warmer months. You’re best to get here between Monday-Thursday in the afternoon. How Noisy or Peaceful: Very peaceful and quiet. Not many people pass by here. Cellular Phone Signal: Weak signal from all three carriers. Road Conditions: Hard packed dirt & ... Read more

Big Bear Yellow Post Sites

Big Bear Yellow Post Sites, San Bernardino NF Note: At one time there were as many 50-60 of these yellow post sites, today only 13 to 15 still remain usable. All of these sites are accessible via car, van, or pickup truck, and 4WD is not necessary. Small trailers are okay, but nothing larger than ... Read more

Dispersed Camping Near Big Bear, CA

Dispersed camping near Big Bear, CA can be tricky to find, but there are several options available if you're willing to try some remote places. However, there are a couple very popular areas to camp that are close to the main highway.