Learn about camping and boondocking in Delaware

A Guide to Boondocking in Delaware

Boondocking in Delaware! Boondocking in Delaware is comparable to many states along the eastern seaboard… virtually non-existent. Delaware is very limited in federal lands and state lands. Most free camping is limited to private property, rest areas, casinos, and state-owned lakes. Before setting up camp somewhere for free, be sure to review the existing laws and regulations to make sure you don’t attract attention from law enforcement. Delaware Boondocking Map [AK] [AL] [AR] [AZ] [CA] [CO] [CT] [DE] [FL] [GA] [HI] [IA] [ID] [IL] [IN] [KS] [KY] [LA] [MA] [MD] [ME] [MI] [MN] [MI] [MS] [MT] [NC] [ND] [NE] [NH] ... Read more

Delaware Rest Area Rules

Is overnight parking allowed at Delaware rest areas? How long can you stay at a rest area in Delaware? Can you sleep in your car? Is camping allowed? What are the full Delaware rest area rules?