El Centro Field Office, California, BLM

Learn about camping and boondocking on lands administered by BLM, California, El Centro Field Office

Hot Springs LTVA, Holtville, CA

Hot Springs LTVA, Holtville, California While technically not free camping, Hot Springs LTVA offers “dirt cheap” boondocking in the California desert for the entire snow bird season. We’re talking $180.00 for 7 months (that’s roughly $0.85 per day). That’s good from September 15 through April 15. The rest of the year, it actually is free. However, it has the normal 14-day maximum stay. But, at this time of the year, the weather gets really hot, like up into the 100s. And you don’t have to spend all that time at this location. That price is good for all of the Long Term ... Read more

Buttercup Sand Dunes, Winterhaven, CA

Buttercup Sand Dunes, Winterhaven, California What actually makes Buttercup Sand Dunes such a popular place for overnight boondocking is that it’s so very close to Interstate 8. It’s literally just get off the freeway, and you’re right there. There’s no driving for several miles, and there’s no washboarded roads. It’s all paved and you can literally pull off the road, and you’re on firm, flat ground. Even better yet, is the fact you can see the area from the Interstate, and be able to determine if its too crowded or not. Buttercup is also home to the last-remaining section of wooden plank ... Read more

Where to Find BLM Land Near Anza Borrego Desert State Park

There is lots of BLM Land surrounding Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Much of it lies adjacent to the southern half of the Park. There is a mixture of BLM "public land" and BLM "wilderness". Both are open for camping, however vehicles...