Learn about camping and boondocking in Montana

77-1-804, Rules for recreational use of state lands — penalty

This is a law under Montana Codes Annotated regarding camping and recreational use of Montana's state trust lands. Of specific interest to campers is Section 6 detailing the maximum length of stay, and other camping rules.

23-1-128, Limits on camping in riparian areas and operation of off-highway vehicles

This is a law under Montana Codes Annotated that applies to state parks and fishing access sites (FAS), banning camping within 25 feet from the water's edge of a river or stream.

12.12, Recreational Land Use

This is the full set of rules adopted by Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Park relating to camping and recreational use of state parks, fishing access sites, and wildlife management areas.

Montana Camping Laws and Regulations

All the laws and regulations within the State of Montana that pertain to camping, campfires, and other activities associated with camping, including overnight parking...

Cottonwood Campground, Townsend, MT

Cottonwood Campground, Townsend, MT How Crowded: Rarely visited by campers, this small campground offers four (4) official campsites, one of which is a well-shaded pull-through intended for disabled persons. One other site is a concrete pad, with the other two located on grass lots. The area is mostly visited by fishermen there for the day. How Noisy or Peaceful: Most of the noise comes from trucks passing along Highway 287. There are also train tracks on the other side of the highway, and you will hear train noise every so often. Cellular Phone Signal: Cellular signal comes in good with Verizon and T-Mobile, ... Read more

Bean Lake, Fishing Access Site, Montana

Camping at Bean Lake, Montana Camping at Bean Lake, Montana is free. At least, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks doesn’t specify camping fees, nor does it offer a self-pay box. The lake is small enough, and so far away from civilization, that rules are probably not even needed. If you get here, you’ll very likely be only the one here. Getting there involves a lot of dirt road travel. DO NOT, however, take SR-434 (Stearns-Augusta Rd) from SR-200. SR-434 has a bridge crossing over Dearborn River. This bridge is rated only for 7 tons (14,000 lbs) or ... Read more

Map of Montana Fishing Access Sites with Camping

Below is a map of all Montana fishing access sites (FAS) with campgrounds, or support camping of some kind. This information comes from the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks...

Camping Rules for Montana Fishing Access Sites (FAS)

The camping rules for Montana Fishing Access Sites (FAS) presented below were acquired from the Administrative Rules of Montana, Department 12, Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, Chapter 8, Parks Division. These rules apply to all of Montana's "Fishing Access Sites" and they address...

A Guide to Boondocking in Montana

Boondocking in Montana! Boondocking in Montana is a popular destination for campers seeking free campsites. Numerous national forests, plenty of BLM lands, along with the vast Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, there’s no shortage of free camping. The state also offers hundreds of “fishing access sites”, many of which offer free camping, in addition to the state’s wildlife management areas. Montana Boondocking Map This Montana Boondocking Map contains locations of free boondocking and free campgrounds where bloggers and YouTubers have produced detailed reviews. Click on a map marker to access their reviews… [AK] [AL] [AR] [AZ] [CA] [CO] [CT] ... Read more

Camping on Montana State Trust Lands

Camping is allowed on much of Montana's State Trust Lands. As long as the land you plan to camp on is accessible from some kind of publicly-owned road or navigable waterway, you're generally cleared for camping. A "General Recreation License" must be purchased ahead of time.