North Kaibab Ranger District

Learn about camping and boondocking in North Kaibab Ranger District of Kaibab National Forest

West Side Highway 67, Grand Canyon NP

The east side of Highway 67 along the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park has more forest roads and more camping opportunities than the west side. Served by Forest Roads 22, 270, 222, 1046, 1047, 1048, 1049, 1050... This is where most dispersed campers go to find free camping.

East Side Highway 67, Grand Canyon NP

The west side of Highway 67 takes Forest Road 611 to several other forest roads (610, 216, 2650, et al). Dispersed camping is allowed all throughout these roads. It's recommended you download the Motor Vehicle Use Map (see Downloads below) and keep it on your phone for later reference.

Saddle Mountain Overlook, Grand Canyon NP

Probably offering the most spectacular views of the North Rim, Saddle Mountain Overlook has only a few previously-used places to camp, although dispersed camping is technically allowed anywhere as long you don't drive beyond 30 feet from the side of a road.