Palm Springs/South Coast Field Office, BLM California

Learn about camping and boondocking in Palm Springs/South Coast Field Office, California, Bureau of Land Management

Joshua Tree BLM South, Chiriaco, CA

Joshua Tree BLM South, Chiriaco, California Chiriaco Summit is the name of a gasoline station stop along I-10, about 5 miles east of Cottonwood Springs Rd, right where it crosses Interstate 10. It happens to be the closest place name associated with Joshua Tree BLM South. This area of BLM land had long been used by Joshua Tree National Park as an overflow camping site. The campgrounds inside Joshua Tree NP get booked up very quickly, and as a result, many campers hoping for a starry-night weekend amidst boulders and joshua trees, get sent to this place. But it turns out, it’s ... Read more

Hayfield Rocks BLM

Hayfield Rocks, BLM Camping Note: Hayfield Road is hard packed gravel, though the access road into the campsite can get soft at times. We recommend 4WD vehicles only. How Crowded: Usually no one here during the week, but it does become occupied on the weekends with off-road enthusiasts. How Noisy or Peaceful: Mostly peaceful and serene during the week, but road noise from off-road enthusiasts is common on weekends. Cellular Phone Signal: AT&T comes in well, with Verizon and T-Mobile coming in average. Road Conditions: Gravel road, but soft in some places. 4WD vehicles only. Amenities Within Campground: No amenities. Cost of Camping: Completely free.

Dispersed Camping at Joshua Tree National Park

Much of the dispersed camping near Joshua Tree National Park lies in a few sites on BLM land to the north and south of park boundaries, with plenty of space for several large RVs. There is also backcountry camping inside the park, but...