San Jacinto Ranger District

Learn about camping and boondocking in San Jacinto Ranger District of San Bernardino National Forest in California

Thomas Mountain Yellow Post Sites

Thomas Mountain Yellow Post Sites, Idyllwild, CA How Crowded: These sites are extremely popular. Site #1 is the most popular because it’s suitable for any size RV and is close to the highway. The other 10 sites are still popular, though they are all located up along the mountain ridge. How Noisy or Peaceful: All 11 sites are very peaceful and mostly quiet. Site #1 will have more road noise due to being close to the highway, though it’s still quite peaceful. Cellular Phone Signal: Site #1 gets good cellular signal for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. The remaining sites get fair to average ... Read more

Thomas Mountain Yellow Post Site #1

Thomas Mountain Yellow Post Site #1 Yellow Post Campsites offer boondockers offer up to 14-days of continuous free camping with the closest proximity to the greater Southern California metropolitan area. This particular site is one of the easier Yellow Post sites to get into with a medium to large RV or trailer. Most Yellow Post sites tend to require 4WD, high clearance vehicles, but this site requires only a 1,000 feet of dirt road, though bumpy and rutted. Still, many RVs have been able to get into this with little effort. Probably the biggest challenge with this particular campsite is that it’s very ... Read more

Stone Creek Yellow Post Sites

Stone Creek Yellow Post Sites, Idyllwild, CA 4WD is definitely required to get to these two sites. The road up is steep, there is soft sand in places, rutted, and in some places trees and shrub have grown across the road and will brush against your vehicle. In some places, the road is very narrow with only enough room for one vehicle at a time. Site #1 – Suitable for only cars, vans, and pickup trucks. Site #2 – Suitable for only cars, vans, and pickup trucks. How Crowded: These sites tend to remain open much more than other Yellow Post sites due ... Read more

South Ridge Yellow Post Sites

South Ridge Yellow Post Sites, Idyllwild, CA These three Yellow Post sites are suitable only for cars, vans, pickup trucks, not motorhomes. 4WD is advised because of steep inclines and soft dirt in places. You can tow a trailer up here, but only small trailers (no larger than 20ft), as long as you have 4WD. Site #1 – Small site. The easiest site to get into because it’s the closest to the Tahquitz Rd, however, the forest road up the ridge is still steep, still dirt, and still bumpy. Site #2 – Another small site further up the road. Site #3 – A ... Read more

Santa Rosa Yellow Post Sites

Santa Rosa Yellow Post Sites, San Bernardino NF These fifteen (15) yellow post sites are all located along Santa Rosa Truck Trail, close to Santa Rosa Peak. The truck trail requires a 4WD vehicle. Small trailers are okay, but any trailer longer than 20 feet is just not going to make it due to hairpin turns and steep inclines. All sites are small, suited only for cars, vans, and pickup trucks. Water is available only at Santa Rosa Spring Yellow Post Site 3 & 4, the only restroom is located near Yellow Post Sites 10 – 14. Trash containers are not ... Read more

Goff Flat Yellow Post Site

Goff Flat Yellow Post Site, Idyllwild, CA Campsite is suitable for any sized RV. How Crowded: This site is lesser known, but still seems to be occupied more often than not. This is a great alternative to Thomas Mountain Yellow Post Site #1 How Noisy or Peaceful: Very peaceful here, and quite secluded. Not many people travel along Goff Flat Road. Cellular Phone Signal: Verizon and T-Mobile tends to come in okay, with AT&T struggling behind. Road Conditions: Goff Flat Road (Forest Road 6S53) is well-graded and suitable for any vehicle. Amenities Within Campground: Just picnic tables and fire rings. Cost of Camping: It’s free to camp ... Read more

Black Mountain Yellow Post Sites

Black Mountain Yellow Post Sites, San Bernardino NF, San Jacinto Ranger District 4WD is definitely required due to steep inclines and rough road. Small trailers are fine as long as you have a 4WD tow vehicle. All six sites are intended for cars, vans, and pickup trucks. Motorhomes will not make it up here. How Crowded: These sites are not very busy due to the road conditions up here. How Noisy or Peaceful: Site #3 is probably going to be the most peaceful due to being isolated. The other sites are either paired together, while Site #6 is at a trailhead. Cellular ... Read more

Apple Canyon Yellow Post Sites

Apple Canyon Yellow Post Sites, San Bernardino NF Site #1 – Suitable for large RVs, easy to get into, however offers the least seclusion. Site #2 – The site itself is large enough for any size RV, and the site offers the most seclusion of the three yellow post sites. However the access road has some tight turns that might make this difficult. Site #3 – Suitable for large RVs, easy to get into, yet offers a good deal of seclusion. How Crowded: These sites are extremely popular. Site #3 seems to be the most popular. If you arrive on a Friday or Saturday, ... Read more