Campfires and Boondocking

Learn about campfires and boondocking, including gathering firewood, campfire laws and regulations, and cooking food outdoors.


Can You Collect Firewood in a National Forest?

Yes, you can collect firewood in a national forest. In fact, every national forest allows visitors to collect firewood and burn it at their campsite. However, you are limited to picking up only "dead and down" wood, and not...


Is Collecting Dead Wood Legal?

Yes, collecting dead wood is legal depending on how you use the wood, and whether or not you plan to remove the wood from the area. As long as you use the wood for your own campfire purposes, it's legal. Problems generally occur...


Rules on Collecting Firewood for Camping

There are rules on collecting firewood for camping. In most cases, you are free to collect "dead and down" wood for your own personal camping uses. Most of the rules that exist with collecting firewood come into play when you...


Can You Have a Campfire While Boondocking?

Yes, you can have a campfire while boondocking on BLM and US Forest Service lands. Other federal land management agencies including National Park Service, Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, and...


Is It Illegal to Start a Campfire?

No, it is not generally illegal to start a campfire on most federally managed lands. However, there are many restrictions and guidelines. Each of the six agencies that manage federal lands have rules in place on starting...