Boondocking & Camping Etiquette

Learn generally accepted boondocking & camping etiquette rules, including noise, distance, Leave No Trace, and the laws and regulations.


How Close Can You Camp Next to a BLM Developed Campground?

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) does not currently dictate the minimum camping setback from a developed campground. There are no rules that specify how close you can camp next to a BLM developed campground. However...


Is it Illegal to Walk Through Someone Else’s Campsite?

Does a person have a legal basis to charge you with violating their rights just because you walked through their campsite? Are there any laws that make it illegal to walk through someone else's campsite? Even if you didn't...


The 200 Feet Water Setback Rule for Camping, Explained

You may have heard that there is a rule prohibiting camping within 200 feet from a body of water. This rule has been printed in camping guidelines issued by the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park...


Can You Remove Small Plants from Arizona State Trust Land?

In most cases, no. It is illegal to remove small plants from Arizona State Trust Lands without a permit. The State of Arizona has a long list of native plant species they've designated as protected. If you happen to see a pretty...


How Far From Water Should You Camp?

Camping too close to a water body is a big deal in most states and federal land management agencies. How far from water you should camp is primarily a state issue and will vary from state to state. The Bureau of Land Management and...


What Are the Quiet Hours for Boondocking?

Quiet hours for boondocking don't really exist when boondocking on open lands. However, there are particular jurisdictions that do define quiet hours, even when boondocking...