Hot Weather Camping

Learn the tips and tricks for hot weather camping, including boondocking in hot weather, how to stay cool while boondocking.


20 Tips for Staying Cool While Camping in Summer

We've assembled a long list of tips for staying cool while camping in Summer heat. These are based on our own experiences camping and boondocking across the United States and Canada over the years, as well as popular tactics used by other boondockers we've met.


10 Tips for Boondocking at High Altitude

As summer temperatures reach triple digits in the plains and valleys, you'll want to set up camp in the mountains to find cooler weather. But camping in high altitude brings with it other challenges for RVers, van-dwellers, and car campers. We have assembled 10 tips for boondocking at high altitude...


How Can I Stay Cool When Boondocking?

Knowing how to stay cool when boondocking is a concern for many RVers. Most veteran boondockers camp at high altitudes in the summer, or head to a favorite place along the Pacific coast. Others rely on their own RV's air conditioning...