Motorhomes and Boondocking

Learn about motorhomes and boondocking, including which is better a Class A, B, or C, can you pull a toad when boondocking, which motorhome to buy?


Is Boondocking Feasible for a Class A RV with Toad?

Yes, there are plenty of boondocking areas with well-graded roads, wide turns, and solid ground for heavy rigs pulling a vehicle in tow. There is no tried-and-true formula for finding these areas, though most boondocking sites...


What is the Difference Between Three Season and Four Season RVs?

There is no real difference between a "Three Season RV" and a "Four Season RV". Moreover, the terms themselves are an irony because all RVs can be used during any season of the year, as long as you move it to warmer weather...


What is the Best RV for Boondocking?

The best RV for boondocking is a small to medium-sized trailer. This is because most full-time boondockers want an RV that they can leave unattended and then drive their pickup truck into town for supplies. Most boondockers also...


Which is the Best Type of RV for Boondocking?

Fifth-Wheel or Bumper Pull? Class A or Class C? Van or RV? Which "type" of RV is better for boondocking? The answer can depend on how long you want to remain parked, what climate you are in, or how rugged the terrain you're hoping...


Trailer Versus Motorhome – Which is Better for Boondocking?

There's a long standing argument within the RVing community, which is better, trailer versus motorhome? Is it better to have a class A or class C motorhome and tow a car behind it, or is it better to have a trailer and tow it with...