Nude Camping

Learn about the laws and regulations about nude camping, including boondocking in the nude, state laws, BLM land, national forests, national parks.


Is Nude Camping in California Legal?

No, nude camping in California is not legal. The Golden State has a statewide law that makes being nude outdoors illegal, even if no one can see you. However, enforcement of this law has been very lenient in recent years. Generally speaking, nude camping in California remains...


Is Nude Camping Illegal in Washington?

No, in general terms, nude camping is not illegal in Washington State. In fact, it is not illegal to be naked at all in public places. Washington State has some of the more liberal laws when it comes to public nudity. However, there...


Is Nudity Permitted on BLM Land?

Yes, nudity is permitted on BLM Land. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) does not have any rules "in general" addressing nudity on their lands. However, each BLM state office, or field office, may at their discretion prohibit...


Is Nude Camping Legal in Arizona?

Yes, nude camping is legal in Arizona. However, it depends on whether other people around you are offended by it or not. It also depends on which state or federal agency has jurisdiction. The way the law is written in Arizona...


Is Nude Camping Legal on Federal Lands?

From a technical standpoint, yes, nude camping is legal on federal lands. But it also depends on the agency because each handles nudity and disorderly conduct differently. It also depends on the State only because most agencies...