Pets and Boondocking

Learn about the laws and regulations about pets and boondocking, including leashing your dog, is it safe for cats, are there any breed restrictions?


How to Take Your Cat Camping

Taking cats camping is not really all that difficult. The difficulty comes primarily in letting it free roam outside. There are ways to train your cat to return to camp on call, and it can be a challenge due to a cat's nocturnal...


Must Dogs Be Kept Leashed When Boondocking?

It depends on the jurisdiction. Some land management agencies require dogs to always be leashed or caged, while others will allow dogs off-leash as long you have them under your command...


Will My Cats Be Safe If We Go Boondocking?

Many boondockers have cats too. But is boondocking safe for cats? Most boondockers don't let their cats wander outside unattended. If they do let their cats out...