Propane and Boondocking

Learn about using propane and boondocking, including how much propane will you need for boondocking, propane tanks, where do you get propane.


How to Heat an RV Without Propane

If you run out of propane, or don't have a propane heater, there are still ways to keep yourself warm without it. How to heat an RV without propane goes beyond just running electricity. Learn how veteran boondockers keep themselves...


Where Do I Refill a Propane Tank?

Most travel centers like Pilot, Flying J, and Loves will offer propane tank refills. These places are ideal for RVers because they offer more space to get their rigs in and out of...


How Long Will a Propane Tank Last While Boondocking?

Most RV boondockers will make a standard 20 pound (5 gallon) propane tank last for about one week, but it's common for experienced boondockers to stretch one out for two weeks. How long your propane tanks lasts while boondocking...


Why Won’t My RV Furnace Stay On?

The reasons why your RV furnace won't stay on is because your battery bank is running low, or you have low propane pressure, or just a bad control board. There could be other reasons, but these are the three most...