RV Repairs and Boondocking

Learn about how to make RV repairs and boondocking, including how to repair your RV or vehicle when boondocking, what tools you should have on hand.


How to Fix a Broken Zipper

That $400.00 sleeping bag you bought at REI becomes useless once its Chinese-made zipper breaks. How do you fix a broken zipper? In many cases, you replace the zipper slider. It's almost always poorly-designed zipper sliders that...


Basic Tools You Will Need for Boondocking

This is a comprehensive list of basic tools you will need for boondocking. You may not ever need these tools, but these tools seem to be the most often used in boondocking, offer the most benefit, and may be the ones that will get you out of the most trouble...


Why Won’t My RV Furnace Stay On?

The reasons why your RV furnace won't stay on is because your battery bank is running low, or you have low propane pressure, or just a bad control board. There could be other reasons, but these are the three most...


Why Do I Smell Exhaust Inside My RV?

Exhaust comes into your RV in one of two primary ways. First is when there is wind blowing outside, creating eddies or vacuums where generator exhaust and propane exhaust can get sucked in through a window, door, or other opening...