Nelson Creek Recreation Area, Fort Peck Lake, MT

Nelson Creek Recreation Area, Fort Peck Lake, Montana Fort Peck Lake is technically property of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and is officially known as, “Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge”. However, the USFWS contracts the management of Fort Peck Lake Campgrounds to three different agencies. The Army Corps of Engineers manages most of the recreation areas, ... Read more

Lowry Bridge Campground, Sun River, MT

Lowry Bridge, Sun River, Montana, Camping Sun River drains from the Sawtooth Range of mountains in Montana and flows east towards Great Falls. It roughly parallels State Highways 21 and 200, meandering past small hamlets with vintage gas stations and burger shacks of a bygone era. About a mile from the town of Simms, the ... Read more

Indian Road Campground, Townsend, MT

Indian Road Campground, Townsend, MT How Crowded: Even on weekends, Indian Road Campground is not that busy, though weekdays will give you the best choice of campsites. How Noisy or Peaceful: Locals do tend to party here on weekends. Otherwise, you will also hear noise from trucks passing along Highway 287, and there are also trains paralleling ... Read more

Homestake Pass Dispersed Area, Butte, MT

Homestake Pass, Montana, Camping At 6,400 feet elevation, Homestake Pass Rd heads north from I-90 towards Delmoe Lake about 7 miles away. The road itself follows the much documented Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. Along this route towards the lake, you will find numerous places to pull in trailer or set up a tent. The ... Read more

Goose Bay Dispersed Area, Townsend, MT

Camping at Goose Bay Dispersed Area Camping at Canyon Ferry Lake can be had with nearly a dozen government-run campgrounds. Goose Bay Dispersed Area is one of the free ones. It’s located right next to the paid-version, Goose Bay Marina & Campground. The dispersed area can be found adjacent, along the north side. Getting into Goose Bay ... Read more

Duck Creek Campground, Townsend, MT

Duck Creek Campground, Townsend, MT How Crowded:  Duck Creek Campground tends to get few campers due to being the least known and least documented of the free campgrounds on Canyon Ferry Lake. Still, it’s recommended you get here during the week to secure the best sites along the lakeshore. How Noisy or Peaceful: It stays quiet at ... Read more

Cottonwood Campground, Townsend, MT

Cottonwood Campground, Townsend, MT How Crowded: Rarely visited by campers, this small campground offers four (4) official campsites, one of which is a well-shaded pull-through intended for disabled persons. One other site is a concrete pad, with the other two located on grass lots. The area is mostly visited by fishermen there for the day. How ... Read more

Confederate Campground, Canyon Ferry Lake, MT

Confederate Campground, Canyon Ferry Reservoir Camping at Canyon Ferry Lake is spread out across a dozen government-run campgrounds, most through the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Confederate Campground is one of the free ones. It’s located just south of Goose Bay Dispersed Area. Getting into Confederate Campground requires following a dirt road leading off of State Highway 284. The road ... Read more

Bean Lake, Fishing Access Site, Montana

Camping at Bean Lake, Montana Camping at Bean Lake, Montana is free. At least, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks doesn’t specify camping fees, nor does it offer a self-pay box. The lake is small enough, and so far away from civilization, that rules are probably not even needed. If you get here, ... Read more

Map of Montana Fishing Access Sites with Camping

Below is a map of all Montana fishing access sites (FAS) with campgrounds, or support camping of some kind. This information comes from the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks...