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New Squeezable Pancake Batter Makes Camping Easier


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Happy Grub is the name of a new squeezable pancake batter that makes camping easier.

While marketed to families with culinary-inspired kids, Happy Grub’s unique hand-held form factor saves space in campers and RVs by eliminating boxes of flour, jugs of milks, and cartons of eggs.

Coming in four flavors of Butter Milk, Whole Flour, Banana, and Apple Cinnamon, each simple-to-squeeze bottle makes about twenty (20) “silver dollar pancakes”, about 3 inches in diameter.

The contents of each Happy Grub container comes dry. All you do is add water, shake it up real good, then squeeze on to a hot griddle.

squeezable pancake batter for camping
Squeezable Pancake Batter called “Happy Grub”

Great For Solo Campers and Camping Kids

Solo campers need to save space. No more having to store pancake flour, eggs, milk into separate baggies and containers… just toss a bottle of Happy Grub into your backpack and off you go.

Kids love to help cook, especially when camping. Happy Grub allows pint-sized adventurers the ability to create their own hot cakes without making a mess.

Creativity is also the big part of Happy Grub because kids can squeeze the batter into shapes, letters, words, whatever their imagination inspires.

What’s Inside Happy Grub

happy grub pancake batter

Buttermilk Flavor: Organic all purpose unbleached flour, organic malted milk powder, organic buttermilk powder, organic whole milk powder, organic dried whole egg powder, organic real butter powder, organic pure cane sugar, baking powder, baking soda, natural sea salt, organic natural vanilla bean flavor powder.

Made in the USA

Happy Grub is based in Allen, TX and its products are made in the USA.

Where to Buy Happy Grub

Happy Grub is available on Amazon (see it on Amazon). You can also buy it directly from Happy Grub’s website.

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