Cockscomb Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ

Coconino National Forest

Free Camping near Sedona, AZ

Cockscomb Designated Camping Area is one of the eight (8) official campgrounds created by Coconino National Forest for campers who want to stay close to Sedona. All camping close to the town of Sedona is restricted to one of these eight designated dispersed camping areas as a result of Forest Order 03-04-06-22-25. These eight designated camping areas are small, accommodating anywhere from 4 to 12 campsites. There are no reservations, it’s first come, first serve.

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Coconino National Forest, Red Rock Ranger District

Red Rock Ranger District:
Tel: (928) 203-2900


GPS: 34.86811, -111.90390
Reservations: none
Camping Fee: none
Maximum Stay: 14 days
Amenities: none


Forest Order 03-04-06-22-25, Establishes the eight (8) designated camping areas near Sedona, January 24, 2023
Forest Order 03-04-06-23-03, That bans camping near Sedona, AZ, January 24, 2023
Red Rock Ranger District Recreation Guide, Published by USFS, March 2020
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Cockscomb Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ

Crowdedness: The reviews indicate varying degrees of crowd density. One reviewer mentioned encountering several other campers, including some who set up their camp uncomfortably close to others. Another review notes that, even early in the season, the camping area could comfortably fit around 7-8 tents or RVs, indicating a potential for crowding during peak times. It seems the reduced camping areas due to new rules have impacted the overall solitude of the camping experience.

Noise Level: The noise level appears to be a mixed bag. While one camper enjoyed a peaceful night with the sound of a generator acting as a soothing white noise machine, another reviewer described an unexpected disturbance late at night, with noisy neighbors setting up camp and laughter echoing through the area. It suggests that noise levels can vary based on individual campers and specific circumstances.

Cellular Phone Signal: According to one review, if you continue driving north, both the views and the cell service improve. This suggests that while the designated camping area might not offer the best cell signal, exploring the surrounding areas could lead to a stronger connection.

Road Conditions: The road conditions to the campground are generally described as wide but potentially bumpy. This information is valuable for campers, indicating that while the road is manageable, it might require careful navigation, especially for those with larger vehicles or trailers.

Campground Cleanliness: The cleanliness of the campground is a notable aspect. One reviewer mentioned encountering trash and obstacles like sleeping bodies, camp chairs, and beer bottles, highlighting a potential issue with maintaining order and cleanliness. However, another reviewer pointed out ongoing efforts to improve the area, such as moving dirt to OHV trails and placing large rocks to restrict access to non-open areas.

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