Javelina Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ

Coconino National Forest

Javelina Camping near Sedona, AZ

Javelina Designated Camping Area is one of the eight (8) official campgrounds created by Coconino National Forest for campers who want to stay close to Sedona. All camping close to the town of Sedona is restricted to one of these eight designated dispersed camping areas as a result of Forest Order 03-04-06-22-25. These eight designated camping areas are small, accommodating anywhere from 4 to 12 campsites. There are no reservations, it’s first come, first serve.

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Coconino National Forest, Red Rock Ranger District

Red Rock Ranger District:
Tel: (928) 203-2900


GPS: 34.81203, -111.89388
Reservations: none
Camping Fee: none
Maximum Stay: 14 days
Amenities: none


Forest Order 03-04-06-22-25, Establishes the eight (8) designated camping areas near Sedona, January 24, 2023
Forest Order 03-04-06-23-03, That bans camping near Sedona, AZ, January 24, 2023
Red Rock Ranger District Recreation Guide, Published by USFS, March 2020

Javelina Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ

Javelina Designated Camping Area, situated west of Sedona, AZ, within Coconino National Forest, offers a mixed camping experience. The campground seems to draw a steady crowd, requiring you to get here early to secure a site. Despite the popularity, spaces appear to be relatively plentiful, though there are reports of a few long-term residents, potentially impacting availability.

The atmosphere at Javelina is described as a mix of natural beauty and occasional disturbances. While the stunning sunset views and starry nights receive praise, insect presence, specifically flies and gnats, can be bothersome during meal times. Additionally, noise levels can vary, with instances of neighboring campers engaging in disruptive behavior reported. However, such disturbances seem to subside as the night progresses, leading to a more tranquil setting.

Road conditions leading to the campground are generally favorable, described as hard-packed with minimal washboarding. Still, there are warnings about potential challenges for larger rigs, with reports of difficulties maneuvering and the need for caution due to dips at both entrances. One review advises against proceeding past the first alcove on the right if driving a big rig, emphasizing limited turnaround space.

Cellular signal strength varies among providers. Verizon and AT&T are noted to offer reasonable connectivity, while T-Mobile may have poorer coverage. The necessity for detaching towed vehicles to navigate the campground is mentioned, especially for bigger rigs, adding to the practical considerations for potential visitors.

Cleanliness at Javelina appears to be well-maintained overall. While there are reports of limited trash, specifically a mattress under a tree in one instance, the campground is generally described as clean. Forestry service actively enforces the 14-day limit and rules, ensuring a degree of order and adherence to regulations.

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