Windmill Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ

Coconino National Forest

Free Camping near Sedona, AZ

Windmill Designated Camping Area is one of the eight (8) official campgrounds created by Coconino National Forest for campers who want to stay close to Sedona. All camping close to the town of Sedona is restricted to one of these eight designated dispersed camping areas as a result of Forest Order 03-04-06-22-25. These eight designated camping areas are small, accommodating anywhere from 4 to 12 campsites. There are no reservations, it’s first come, first serve.

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Coconino National Forest, Red Rock Ranger District

Red Rock Ranger District:
Tel: (928) 203-2900


GPS: 34.84610, -111.913592
Reservations: none
Camping Fee: none
Maximum Stay: 14 days
Amenities: none


Forest Order 03-04-06-22-25, Establishes the eight (8) designated camping areas near Sedona, January 24, 2023
Forest Order 03-04-06-23-03, That bans camping near Sedona, AZ, January 24, 2023
Red Rock Ranger District Recreation Guide, Published by USFS, March 2020

Windmill Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ

Crowding seems to be a recurring issue, with some reviewers noting the Forest Service’s increased enforcement on dispersed camping in Sedona, leading to crowded group lots throughout the forest. One visitor emphasizes the challenges of finding a spot due to the high demand, despite the ample open space in the surrounding area.

Noise levels are generally reported as reasonable, with instances of tranquility disrupted by unexpected disturbances. One camper recounts a peaceful Sunday morning marred by noisy tourists, particularly a group of balloon enthusiasts who crowded the campsite while packing up their balloons. While noise disruptions may vary, it appears that overall, the area tends to maintain a quiet atmosphere.

Cellular signal tends to get worse the closer to Highway 89A. Here at Windmill, Verizon and T-Mobile still gets about 2 bars, but AT&T barely comes in.

Road conditions to Windmill Designated Camping Area vary. Some reviewers mention a rough road leading to nearby sites like Cockscomb, advising caution, especially during the monsoon season when washes may pose challenges. In contrast, others highlight the ease of access to the campground, emphasizing the need for campers to park sensibly along the rim to allow for the movement of larger rigs.

Concerns regarding cleanliness are raised in a couple of reviews, with one camper expressing disappointment in the campground becoming a “crappy, muddy parking lot” due to the closure of dispersed areas. However, long-time visitors recommend environmental responsibility, encouraging campers to practice “pack in, pack out” principles and engage in short environmental cleanups.

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