Boone Park, Nocona, TX

Lake Nocona

City of Nocona, TX

Free Camping at Lake Nocona, Texas

One of two free campgrounds operated by the City of Nocona (the other being Joe Benton Park), this little campground offers lakeside camping with beautiful sunsets. Although the amenities are dated, it does offer shaded picnic tables, cooking grills, trash cans, and a porta-potty. There's also a boat ramp.


Lake Nocona

City of Nocona, TX

City of Nocona

Tel: (940) 825-3282


GPS: 33.8787, -97.6464

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: 15 days in a 30 day period

Amenities: Covered picnic tables, trash cans, cooking grills, porta-potty, boat ramp

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Boone Park

Getting away from crowded campgrounds always seems to come at a price, and in this case it’s out-dated amenties and trashy campsites. Boone Park is a victim of small budget cities trying to maximize its tourist accommodations while spending as little as possible.

While most campsites at Boone Park tend to be of smaller size, larger RVs can still find at least one, perhaps two, sites at the southern-most portion of the park.

Overall, trash is a problem at Boone Park, and small pieces of glass can be found everywhere. Otherwise, this campground is still a quiet place to camp, and being that it’s free, can’t be beat.

The City of Nocona has enacted an ordinance with respect to camping at Lake Nocona…

§ 1.09.008 Camping and public parks.

(a) Three free public parks have been provided as follows:

(1) Weldon Robb Park about 1-1/2 mile south of dam on west side includes some 35 acres with over a mile of shoreline, public restrooms, picnic tables, camping areas, lighting, and concrete boat ramp.

(2) Joe Benton Park at the west end of the dam to and including spillways. Includes some 30 acres with over a mile of shoreline, public restrooms, picnic and camping areas, lighting, and concrete boat ramp.

(3) Boone Park just above the dam on the east side of the lake, includes some 25 acres with a mile of shoreline, public restrooms, picnic and camping areas, lighting, and concrete boat ramps.

(b) Camping is limited to 15 days at any one time. After 30 days have passed, then another 15 days.

(c) No swimming around boat docks.

(d) Place trash in dumpsters and barrels.

(e) Cutting trees prohibited.

(f) 20 mph speed limit.

(g) Quiet hours begin at 11:00 pm.

(h) Firearms are prohibited unless for a person other than peace officer and those persons licensed to carry a handgun under the authority of subchapter H, chapter 411, Government Code, to possess, exhibit or display a firearm.

(i) Boating safety rules must be observed.

(j) Glass containers for any purpose shall be prohibited in or upon the lakeshore or shoreline and within all boat ramp areas.

(k) Fees are as set forth in the fee schedule provided in appendix A of this code.

(Ordinance 519, sec. 7, adopted 1/20/2020; Ordinance adopting 2020 Code)

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