Brazoria County Free Beach Access #4

Brazoria County Beach

County of Brazoria, TX

Free Camping on the Texas Shore

Camping along beaches in Brazoria County is free as long as its not within an incorporated city or town. The County operates five beach accesses running from the eastern border of the Town of Surfside, east to Bluewater RV Resort, about a six mile stretch. Camping is allowed inside the town limits of Surfside, but with a fee.


Brazoria County Beach

County of Brazoria, TX

Brazoria County Parks

Tel: (979) 864-1541


GPS: 29.0270, -95.1868

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: 14 days

Amenities: Porta-potty, trash cans

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Brazoria County Free Beach Access #4

This Beach Access #4 sits at the Key Largo community. This access tends to be considered the nicest, cleanest, and least crowded of the five beach access areas, though others will argue that Access #5 is better or just as good.

Otherwise, the entire stretch of county beach from Access #1 to Access #5 remains popular throughout the week. You should expect lots of people, and lots of noise through the night. RVs are allowed to camp here.

The beach is mostly hard-packed sand, though there are some spots where it gets soft. Otherwise, there are plenty of 2WD cars and vans here. However, my advice is that if you’re pulling a trailer, then you should only do so with 4WD just to help you get out if that extra weight pushes you into the sand.

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