Bubba Cowser Recreation Area

Toledo Bend Reservoir

Sabine River Authority of Texas

Free Camping on Toledo Bend Reservoir

This small recreation area is largely a boat ramp and some parking for trucks and trailers. However, there are a couple of picnic tables here with trash cans, and there are no signs stating that camping is prohibited. Moreover, the Sabine River Authority of Texas says this recreation area is free.


Toledo Bend Reservoir

Sabine River Authority of Texas

River Authority Office

Tel: (409) 565-2273


GPS: 31.8432, -93.9409

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: Unknown

Amenities: Picnic tables, trash cans, boat ramp

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Bubba Cowser Recreation Area

This tiny recreation area may just be best used as an overnight stay for RVers and road nomads due to its small size and the need for more parking space for boaters. There’s also considerable highway noise from the bridge. Moreover, this place will flood over when water levels rise.

Our experience with Bubba Cowser Recreation Area is that it’s actually a nice place to camp. You just don’t want to be here on the weekend when boaters and fishermen come in. Then it starts to feel like a parking lot instead of a campsite.

This is also great place to launch kayaks and canoes because you’re out of the river current and on still water.

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