Cedar Creek Campground, Lake Whitney, TX

Fort Worth District

Army Corps of Engineers

Free Camping on Lake Whitney, TX

Cedar Creek Campground, located along the east side of Lake Whitney, about 36 miles north of Waco, TX, and about 62 miles south of Fort Worth. It’s one of four free campgrounds operated by the Army Corps of Engineers along the lake. It’s a seasonal campground in that much of the campsites are closed off by a gate during the colder part of the season. But during the winter there are still three RV sites, and about four other campsites for tents, cars, and vans. There are no hookups at these sites, just picnic tables and canopies. The campground has a camphost who checks the sites daily, and there is also a park officer who patrols weekly. There are no reservations, it’s first come, first served.


Fort Worth District

Army Corps of Engineers

Whitney Lake Office:

Tel: (254) 622-3332


GPS: 31.9901, -97.3733

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: 14 days per month

Amenities: covered picnic tables, vault toilets, trash bin, boat ramp

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Cedar Creek Campground, Lake Whitney, TX

Cedar Creek Campground stands as a natural haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Surrounded by rocky cliffs, limestone formations, and the serene waters of the lake, this campground offers a diverse and captivating landscape. As documented in various sources, Cedar Creek is praised for its well-kept facilities, expansive camping grounds, and an array of amenities, making it an enticing destination for nature lovers and campers alike.

Free for 14-days, there are dozens of smaller campsites suitable for tents, cars, and vans, along with about a half-dozen larger sites for RVs. During the winter season, most of the campsites are closed off, however three RV sites remain open, along with about four small sites.

Quiet hours run from 10:00pm to 6:00am. There is a camp host on site who makes a patrol each day, and there is also a Park Officer who patrols each week.

There is no dump station at the campground, however your best bet is the dump station at Lake Whitney State Park located south, about an 11 mile drive. You only have to pay the $5.00 entrance fee. There is running water at the dump station with a sign that says, “Non-Potable, Do not drink”. However, I smelled the water and tasted it, and it seems fine.

Scenery: Cedar Creek Campground boasts stunning natural beauty with rocky cliffs, limestone formations, and the picturesque Lake Whitney. The proximity to the Whitney Dam adds to the visual appeal. The campground provides a diverse landscape that enhances the overall scenic experience, making it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts.

Cleanliness: The cleanliness of Cedar Creek Campground can vary depending on where you are. Towards the RV sites and the east loop, there’s little trash aside from small bits like a bottle cap, or something. But closer to the pit toilets and pavilion, you’ll find more trash.

Peace & Quiet: During the winter season when only a handful of campsites are open, Cedar Creek Campground is very quiet and tranquil. You’ll hardly any noise. The summer’s, however, when the campground peaks in visitation, takes on more noise from kids, cars, and campfires.

Amenities: The campground impresses with a range of amenities, including hiking trails, camping facilities, and a free boat ramp. Covered picnic areas with tables are scattered throughout the park, providing a comfortable space for gatherings. However, some concerns are raised about the distance to restrooms, particularly at night, and the conditions of certain facilities, such as poorly-maintained toilets.

Cellular Signal: Cellular signal strength at Cedar Creek Campground appears to be satisfactory, with reports of 2 to 4 bars on AT&T and 3 bars on Verizon. This connectivity allows visitors to stay connected, although it’s worth noting that the experience may vary depending on the service provider.

Crowdedness: The winter season is nearly dead, with very few, if any, campers using the facilities. The summers, however, gets packed with weekend campers, fisherman, and birthday parties.

Wildlife: Families of deer frequently frolic through the park, along with teh usual squirrels and rabbits.

Bugs and Pests: Bugs, flying insects and other pests are not an issue during the winter season, but gnats and mosquitoes really come out during the warm weather.

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