Falcon County Park

Falcon County Park

County of Starr, TX

Free Camping Near Falcon Lake, TX

This county park has the dubious reputation of having no time limits on camping, thus you'll find several campers who are staying here indefinitely. Some camps look like homeless encampments with tents and junk laying around, but other "lifers" appear to keep their camp neat and clean.


Falcon County Park

County of Starr, TX

Starr County Precinct #2

Tel: (956) 849-7371


GPS: 26.5648, -99.1275

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: Indefinitely

Amenities: Picnic tables, trash cans, restroom facility

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Falcon County Park

Considering how large Falcon County Park is, it’s not that hard to find an open space to camp. You can camp anywhere here simply because there is little to no law enforcement, and because there isn’t any grass to harm.

There are many people living in tents permanently here, and in some respects it feels like homeless encampment. In other areas, RVs are lined up like an RV park. At night, you can hear a lot of noise from people yelling, or laughing, or perhaps even engaging in fights. When we camped here, we weren’t sure how safe this place was, but in the end we were not bothered.

There are restrooms and showers here, but we chose not to go near them considering the number of permament residents living here. There is also a dump station. There are some actual RV camp sites with water hookups, but all were taken.

Falcon County Park is actually a beautiful place, mostly kept as a wilderness area rather than a park with manicured lawns and topiaries. There is an abundance of wildlife here. It could certainly use more law enforcement in the evening hours to keep the peace.

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