Lake Trammell Park, Sweetwater, TX

Lake Trammell Park

City of Sweetwater, TX

Free Camping at Lake Trammel, Texas

Much of the free camping is found on the east side of the lake, though there are some places on the west side too. Lake Trammell is owned by the City of Sweetwater, though its well outside of city boundaries. There is very little information about the city's camping policies towards this lake, though many people continue to camp here without incident.


Lake Trammell Park

City of Sweetwater, TX

Sweetwater Parks & Recreation

Tel: (325) 235-5003


GPS: 32.3658, -100.4325

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: Unknown

Amenities: Trash cans

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Lake Trammell Park

Aside from trash cans, there are no amenities to be found at Lake Trammell. Ironically, few people seem to use the trash cans based on the amount of garbage laying around. On the other hand, it’s evidence the City of Sweetwater rarely patrols this area, which makes dispersed camping a reality here.

Still, it’s a pleasant experience. It’s not crowded here at all, and if there are people around, they’re most on the west of the lake where much of the fishing is found.

Camping is mostly approached by County Road 296 on the east, and County Road 146 on the west. There are several dirt roads leading into tree and brush cover, offering secluded campsites.

There are no signs indicating whether camping is allowed or not, and based on the number of reviews that have been posted on various other camping websites, it appears a lot of people boondock here.

Note that Sweetwater City Ordinance does state that camping in city parks and recreation areas is prohibited without a permit…

Sec. 23-5. - Camping restrictions.

Camping, both overnight and daytime, will be allowed in the city parks and recreation areas by permit only, issued out of the office of the city secretary, however, no campfires will be permitted except in the designated areas where fire pits are already in place.

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