Twin Buttes Equalization Channel

Twin Buttes Recreation Area

City of San Angelo, TX

Free Camping on Twin Buttes Reservoir

The Equalization Channel refers to a channel of water that connects the two reservoirs at Twin Buttes Recreation Area. There is a service road on the channel's west side, and there are two places were camping is allowed, one at each end of the service road. A permit is required to camp here.


Twin Buttes Recreation Area

City of San Angelo, TX

San Angelo Parks & Recreation

Tel: (325) 277-8766


GPS: 31.3463, -100.5230

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: Permit

Max Stay: Unknown

Amenities: Trash cans

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Twin Buttes Equalization Channel

All persons over the age of 17 must hold either Annual Public Hunting Permit (APH) or a Limit Public Use Permit (LPU). The LPU costs $12.00 and is good for a year across all public lands in Texas. You can purchase one line here. Or, any retail hunting and fishing license resellers (such as sporting goods store) will sell them.

Fishing and hunting is under the authority of Texas Department of Parks & Wildlife, while the boat ramp, parking lot, and camping facilities are under the administration of the City of San Angelo.

Camping is restricted to the following…

  • Areas along the shoreline, AND
  • Areas adjacent to a designated road.

These two requirements restrict you to effectively three areas at Twin Buttes, including this Twin Buttes Marina Park, Twin Buttes Marina Circle, and two places along the Equalization Channel.

Local law enforcement will come by to check for your permit, so be sure to have it.

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