West Mooring Dock Park

West Mooring Dock Park

County of Matagorda

Free Camping on the Texas Shore

This mooring, park, and boat ramp is owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers, but maintained by the County of Matagorda. It's used mostly as a parking lot for weekend beach goers, but is also popular with local teens and their cars late at night. It's also used by travelers as an overnight rest.


West Mooring Dock Park

County of Matagorda

Matagorda County Precinct #2

Tel: (979) 863-7861


GPS: 28.7631, -95.6309

Reservations: First come, first served

Camping Fee: None

Permit: None

Max Stay: Unknown

Amenities: Picnic tables, trash cans, porta-potties, boat ramp

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West Mooring Dock Park

Google Maps has this spelled as “West Moring” when it should be “West Mooring” because this serves as a mooring for boats to tie up to. Owned and built by the Army Corps of Engineers, it’s maintained by the County of Matagorda as a public park.

While there are no signs prohibiting camping, there are no signs saying camping is allowed. It’s frequently used as an overnight for travelers and truckers, but by the weekend it’s popular destination for beach-goers and fishermen. At night, it’s popular with teenagers with muscle cars.

The adjacent beach is actually private property owned by a real estate investment firm called Sargent Ventures, LLC, but there is no signage, no gate, no fencing, hence it remains a popular beach access area.

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