BLM Long Term Camping Permits Are Available in Northern California

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) currently offers long term camping permits for five (5) campgrounds in the Eastern Sierra region. Campers looking to dig in for longer periods can get a 30-day camping permit for as many as six times per year. These five campgrounds are all located with the BLM’s Bishop Field Office. ... Read more

How Far in Advance Should You Make Reservations for Camping?

You should make reservations for camping as far in advance as possible. If 2020 was any indication of how the COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in camping, it’s going to continue for 2021. USA Today reports that both state and national parks across the country are urging people to make their reservations as far in ... Read more

Don’t Share All of Your Boondocking Sites Online!

Instead, keep at least one site in each state your “secret boondocking site”. The reason why is because boondocking is getting tougher to find. COVID-19 changed the United States in many ways. It pushed more Americans into camping and RVing. Instead of going to Disney World with the family, they went to Grand Tetons National ... Read more