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Don’t Share All of Your Boondocking Sites Online!


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Instead, keep at least one site in each state your “secret boondocking site”. The reason why is because boondocking is getting tougher to find.

COVID-19 changed the United States in many ways. It pushed more Americans into camping and RVing. Instead of going to Disney World with the family, they went to Grand Tetons National Park and boondocked.

As a result, it made things more difficult for us full time boondockers to find a place to boondock near the Grand Tetons.

Don’t worry, just because you’re keeping a handful of “secret boondocking sites” to yourself doesn’t make you greedy. Greed and Charity are both relative concepts. We are all charitable in our own ways. Many of boondockers already help out our fellow boondockers when they ask.

The bottom line is that is that you still have to find a place a camp. Sure, everyone will love you for sharing so many great boondocking sites on FreeRoam and Campendium. But, no one is going to lose sleep if you’re forced to overnight at Walmart again.

The way the news is making things look, more Americans are going to move out of the big cities. This means some of them are going to sell their homes and move into RVs. I’m sure you can agree. Heck, maybe you’re one of them!

As it stands right now, all of the big RVing Facebook groups are filled with people posting that rates for RV parks are going up. Where they used to pay $30.00 a night, they are now being asked to pay $75.00 a night.

There is no such thing as “rent control” for RV Parks.

I’ve already accepted that boondocking is going to become more competitive. As a capitalist, I’m banking on it! I’ve published this very website you’re reading, and hoping it will help finance my ability to camp on free government lands.

COVID-19, along with Cancel Culture, riots and protests, soaring utility costs, job losses… This is why you as a boondocker will have to work harder to find decent places to camp for free.

But, you can do it. The Earth demands that you fight to survive.

So, please… PLEASE! When you find a great place to boondock, where you can camp with little to no other people around, keep it to yourself. Don’t share that site online. Because if you do, you’ll lose it.

But, just keep a handful of these sites secret. Go ahead and continue to share many other finds on FreeRoam and Campendium. Just don’t share them all.

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