BLM Rules for Boondocking

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Included here is the full text of actual BLM rules and regulations with respect to boondocking, camping, driving, and other recreational programs. We did not, however, include rules that do not directly affect campers and boondockers.

BLM Rules for Boondocking

All BLM rules for boondocking, camping, driving, and other recreational programs are codified under…

Visitor Services (Part 8360)

This is where the bulk of the rules exist for boondockers and campers.

Off-Road Vehicles (Part 8340)

These rules are specific to vehicles designated as off-road vehicles, and for areas designated for off-road vehicle use.

Management Areas (Part 8350)

These rules are meant to enforce special lands designated by an act of Congress, but thus far the only rules that apply to boondockers are for trails and vehicle use.

Wilderness Areas (Part 6300)

Wilderness Areas are special areas set aside for protection of lands designated as “wilderness”.

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