BLM Rules for Camping

Learn about camping and boondocking on BLM land

Rules for Recreation on BLM Land


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Synopsis: These are the rules adopted by the Bureau of Land Management regarding recreational activities on lands managed by the BLM, which includes camping.

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These rules are codified under…

  • Code of Federal Regulations: Title 43 Public Lands: Interior
    • Subtitle B Regulations Relating to Public Lands
      • Chapter II Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior

Subchapter F Preservation and Conservation

Subchapter H Recreation Programs

  • Part 8340: Off-Road Vehicles – These rules are specific to vehicles designated as off-road vehicles, and for areas designated for off-road vehicle use.
  • Part 8350: Management Areas – These rules are meant to enforce special lands designated by an act of Congress, but thus far the only rules that apply to boondockers are for trails and vehicle use.
  • Part 8360: Visitor Services – This is where the bulk of the rules exist for boondockers and campers.

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