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Where to Find Free Camping at Browns Park NWR

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Free camping at Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge is available at two campgrounds found within the refuge. These campgrounds are the only camping options for visitors to Browns Park. Otherwise, there is no boondocking, dispersed camping, or backcountry camping at the refuge.

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Camping at Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge

All camping at Browns Park NWR is restricted to two developed campgrounds…

  • Swinging Bridge Campground – lies directly along the Green River at the west end of the Wildlife Drive. Amenities include fire rings, pit toilets, a boat ramp, and a livestock corral.
  • Crook Campground – located along the southeast end of the Wildlife Drive and includes pit toilets, fire rings, a boat ramp, and shade trees.

Both campgrounds are a short distance from locations which offer hiking, hunting, fishing, and wildlife observation. The campgrounds and associated facilities are open throughout the year.

  • Campgrounds have no hookups, no running water, no trash disposal.
  • Camping is free, there are no campground fees.

Permits and Reservations

Permits are not necessary for camping, only for hunting and fishing. Reservations are not accepted, it’s all first-come, first-served.

Boondocking at Browns Park NWR

Boondocking is not allowed at the refuge, nor is dispersed camping or backcountry camping. All camping within the refuge is limited to the two developed campgrounds noted above.

Maximum Camping Stay

Camping is limited to 14 days within a 28-day period for the entire refuge, not for each campground. After you’ve camped for 14 days, you have to vacate your campsite and wait for the 28-day period to expire before camping inside the refuge again.


Fires are only allowed at campgrounds, and only within the fire rings provided at each campsite. Cooking stoves are allowed. You are not allowed to gather firewood from the refuge. All firewood must be brought in from outside.


Pets must be confined or leashed at all times.

Quiet Hours and Firearms

Quiet hours run from 10:00pm to 7:00am. Generators are not allowed to be ran during quiet hours.

Firearms are allowed within the refuge for hunting. If you’re on the campground, your weapon must be kept unloaded, cased (or dismantled), and kept in your vehicle. Target shooting is not allowed anywhere in the refuge. Refer to USFWS Regulation § 27.42 Firearms.


Sources of the above information comes from Browns Park NWR’s official website.

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