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Where to Find Free Camping at Felsenthal NWR


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Camping at Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge is allowed, but is limited to smaller RVs, vans, cars, and tent campers. Recreational camping is generally not permitted, instead, camping is restricted for wildlife-related activities (hunting, fishing, birdwatching, photography). Six of the refuge’s seven campgrounds are set up next to boat ramps. The remaining seventh campground is reachable only by boat. Otherwise, camping is free.

Accessible by Road   Accessible by Boat Only

Camping at Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge

There are seven (7) campgrounds located inside Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge. All camping is restricted to these campgrounds. There are no other camping options within the refuge.

  • Camping is free at these campgrounds.
  • Use of campgrounds is restricted to persons seeking wildlife-related activities (hunting, fishing, birdwatching, photography). Camping for the sake of camping is not allowed.
  • There are no hookups. Some campgrounds have fire rings and picnic tables.
  • These campgrounds cannot accommodate medium or large sized RVs. Only small RVs, vans, and cars are recommended.
  • Boat ramps and parking lots for trucks and boat-trailers are available at five of the six campgrounds.

Permits and Reservations

A “Refuge Access Permit” is required for all persons entering Felsenthal NWR. These permits are free and can be obtained either at the refuge headquarters (View on Google Maps), or you can download one and keep it on your phone. The permit is printed on every refuge public use regulations brochure (Visit the refuge’s download page).

Reservations are not accepted at any of Felsenthal NWR’s campgrounds. It’s all first-come, first-serve.

Boondocking at Felsenthal NWR

There is no boondocking or dispersed camping anywhere at Felsenthal NWR. All camping of any kind is restricted to the seven campgrounds.

Maximum Camping Stay

Campers may stay no more than fourteen (14) days during any thirty (30) consecutive-day period in any campground. Camps must be occupied daily. Once the 14-day maximum is reached, there is no more camping until after the 30-day period has exhausted.


Campfires are allowed in campgrounds at Felsenthal NWR. There are no restrictions on the type of campfire, or container. Campers must be in constant attendance of all fires. Only dead and downed wood can be collected.

During high fire danger, campfires are prohibited.

Quiet Hours and Firearms

All disturbances (including the use of generators) are prohibited after 10 PM. Felsenthal NWR does not specific what hour of the morning quiet hours end.

Use of firearms is restricted for hunting purposes only.


Sources of the above information comes from Felsenthal NWR’s official website.

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