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Where to Find Backcountry Camping at Big Bend National Park

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This map of backcountry roadside campsites at Big Bend National Park is based on information published by the National Park Service. It displays the sixty-four (64) designated backcountry campsites for car camping, van camping, and RV camping.

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Campsites on Improved Dirt Roads

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Campsites on Unimproved Dirt Roads

Campsites on Improved Roads – Roadside campsites along improved dirt roads are usually accessible to all vehicles including RVs. These are the most popular roadside campsites in the park, and usually require reservations weeks or months in advance. 4WD is not necessary except in rainy conditions for certain sites.

Campsites on Unimproved Roads – These campsites generally require high clearance, and/or 4WD vehicles. These roads may be rocky, exposed bedrock, deep ruts, and extensive sections of soft sand/mud that could cause other vehicles to become stuck or damaged. In rainy weather, these roads become muddy.

Big Bend National Park Roadside Campsites

Big Bend National Park maintains a series of sixty-four (64) primitive backcountry roadside campsites so that campers can get up close to the park’s geologic features. Most of these sites are spread far enough apart from each other that campers can feel secluded and enjoy the sounds of nature. It’s just like boondocking, except it’s not free.

  • Fees cost $10.00 per night, $5.00 with a Senior Access Pass, in order to obtain a backcountry permit.
  • Each site has to be reserved. Reservations can be made in person at either Panther Junction or Chisos Basin Visitor Centers, with at least 24 hours advance notice. You can also make reservations through with as much as six month advance notice.
  • The park offers backcountry campers a total of 28 days of camping per year, with each site limited to 14 days. From January 1 to April 15, you can only use 14 of your 28 days.

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  1. It looks like y’all have Terlingua Abajo Sites 1 & 3 reversed. I always get site #1 when I’m in that campground because of the view of Sante Elenya Canyon. It’s the one on the south side of that little loop. You can also tell by looking at the proximity of #3 to the hill.


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