Coconino National Forest

Learn about camping and boondocking at Coconino National Forest, Arizona

Windmill Designated Camping Area

Windmill Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ Crowding seems to be a recurring issue, with some reviewers noting the Forest Service’s increased enforcement on dispersed camping in Sedona, leading to crowded group lots throughout the forest. One visitor emphasizes the challenges of finding a spot due to the high demand, despite the ample open space in the surrounding area. Noise levels are generally reported as reasonable, with instances of tranquility disrupted by unexpected disturbances. One camper recounts a peaceful Sunday morning marred by noisy tourists, particularly a group of balloon enthusiasts who crowded the campsite while packing up their balloons. While ... Read more

Schnebly Hill Road

Schnebly Hill Road, Coconino National Forest Coconino National Forest remains high on every boondocker’s list of favorite forests, mostly due to the cooler weather in summer, the shade of tall mountain pines, and the dozens of hiking trails offering grand views of red rock canyons. Schnebly Hill Road happens to be one of the more popular boondocking roads in the Coconino because it offers so many opportunities for camping, yet still remains within a 20 minute drive into Flagstaff for just about anything you need. If you want to get there early in the year, Forest crews generally open Schnebly ... Read more

Rockview Designated Camping Area

Rockview Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ The sloped terrain of Rockview can present some challenges in leveling your rig, while the low availability of spaces can cause you to look elsewhere. Some campers have mentioned challenges with mud during rainy periods, emphasizing the need for caution. Despite the potential road difficulties, the dispersed camping spots are described as abundant, providing open and beautiful views, particularly of Sedona and Mingus Peak. Crowd levels at Rockview Designated Camping Area seem to fluctuate. While one review noted a crowded atmosphere with long-term occupants, another highlighted a less crowded experience with only a few ... Read more

Pumphouse Wash Campground

Pumphouse Wash Campground, Sedona, AZ When Does it Open: The campground is seasonal, generally opening up around May after the roads dry out, and closing after the first snow fall. Crowdedness: During the warmer part of the year, the campground will fill up quickly. It’s best to arrive during the week, sometime before 5:00pm to find an open site. Road Conditions: The campground is accessed by Forest Road 237, which is hard-packed dirt & gravel, but suitable for any vehicle. The road can get bumpy in places. The loop roads are more bumpy, but still doable by any vehicle. Trash: ... Read more

Nolan Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ

Nolan Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ Crowdedness: Opinions on crowd levels differ. Some campers find Nolan less congested, with a dozen or so campers allowing them to find decent sites with views. However, others express concerns about increased crowding, describing it as crowded and lacking privacy, particularly for larger RVs. Noise Levels: The general consensus is that Nolan maintains a surprisingly quiet atmosphere. While some describe the area as quiet for the most part, others express concerns about the potential for noise disturbances due to the lack of enforceable rules. A camper mentions the option to run a generator close to others ... Read more

Javelina Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ

Javelina Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ Javelina Designated Camping Area, situated west of Sedona, AZ, within Coconino National Forest, offers a mixed camping experience. The campground seems to draw a steady crowd, requiring you to get here early to secure a site. Despite the popularity, spaces appear to be relatively plentiful, though there are reports of a few long-term residents, potentially impacting availability. The atmosphere at Javelina is described as a mix of natural beauty and occasional disturbances. While the stunning sunset views and starry nights receive praise, insect presence, specifically flies and gnats, can be bothersome during meal times. ... Read more

Greasy Spoon Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ

Greasy Spoon Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ Crowdedness: The campground’s popularity is evident, with reports of high occupancy levels. Some visitors found the area to be busy, though it tends to vary from mid-week to weekend. The road leading to the campground, FR-525, can be congested, and campers should be prepared for a competitive environment. Noise Level: Reports on noise levels vary. While road noise from occasional commercial vehicles is mentioned, some campers found the area surprisingly quiet and peaceful, particularly in the evenings and at night. However, a few noted disturbances from nearby cattle. Cellular Phone Signal: Verizon and T-Mobile tends to ... Read more

Forest Road 689, Oak Creek, AZ

Forest Road 689, Oak Creek, AZ Crowd Density: Forest Road 689, starting from Exit 298 at the south end to Exit 306 at the north end is often crowded due to Coconino NF officials having shut down all dispersed camping in and around Sedona and Oak Creek. Arriving in the evening may leave you without any camp sites along Forest Road 689. Noise Levels: Noise can be bothersome in some areas, particularly where campsites are close together. Otherwise, in most cases, it remains fairly calm. Cellular Signal Strength: Connectivity from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T remains average to good along much of the road. ... Read more

Forest Road 120A, Oak Creek, AZ

Forest Road 120A, Oak Creek, AZ Forest Road 120A, is located within Coconino National Forest, about 5 miles from Oak Creek, AZ. It’s a dirt road that winds through scrub and chaparral. It runs about 1 mile north, becoming increasingly bumpy and rutted, requiring 4WD and high clearance vehicles. The few sites closest to Beaver Flats Road are suitable for 2WD motorhomes and trucks pulling trailers. Cellular Signal: Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T is reachable, though signal strength is weak. Trash: Sites closer to Beaver Flats Road sees more trash laying around to heavier campsite use.

Cockscomb Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ

Cockscomb Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ Crowdedness: The reviews indicate varying degrees of crowd density. One reviewer mentioned encountering several other campers, including some who set up their camp uncomfortably close to others. Another review notes that, even early in the season, the camping area could comfortably fit around 7-8 tents or RVs, indicating a potential for crowding during peak times. It seems the reduced camping areas due to new rules have impacted the overall solitude of the camping experience. Noise Level: The noise level appears to be a mixed bag. While one camper enjoyed a peaceful night with the sound of ... Read more