Learn about camping and boondocking in Colorado

A Guide to Boondocking in Colorado

Boondocking in Colorado! Boondocking in Colorado offers stunning natural beauty, with diverse landscapes ranging from snow-capped mountains to red rock canyons. The Rocky Mountain State is a popular destination for camping, hiking, biking, and kayaking. Boondocking in Colorado can be a rewarding way to experience the wilderness and save money, but it also requires some planning and preparation. You need to know the laws and regulations that apply to camping on public lands in Colorado, such as where you can camp, how long you can stay, and what you can do on the land. Colorado Boondocking Map This Arizona Boondocking ... Read more

Colorado Rest Area Rules

Are you allowed to park overnight at Colorado Rest Areas? Is sleeping in your vehicle permitted at a Colorado Rest Area? How long can you stay at a Colorado Rest Area? Is camping allowed at Colorado Rest Areas?

Camping on Colorado State Trust Lands

Colorado permits camping and other forms of recreation on a small portion of its State Trust Lands (STL). However, Colorado's State Land Board (SLB) does not directly manage these recreational uses. They instead partner with various other government agencies to create a...