Needles Field Office, California, BLM

Learn about camping and boondocking in Needles Field Office, California, Bureau of Land Management

Snaggletooth Primitive RV Camp

Snaggletooth Primitive RV Camp, Needles, CA What makes Snaggletooth a great place to boondock is that it remains largely unnoticed by most RVers, particularly during the Winter season. When places like Quartzsite, Lake Havasu, Yuma, Joshua Tree South are completely filled with snowbirds, Snaggletooth remains largely unnoticed. You can set up camp here, and pretty much get away with staying well beyond the typical 14-day limit. The entire time, you may only see a handful of RVers just camping overnight. Otherwise, it’s peaceful to place to boondock amidst the solitude of the California desert region. And yet, Snaggletooth still offers everything a boondocker would want… ... Read more

Dispersed Camping at Joshua Tree National Park

Much of the dispersed camping near Joshua Tree National Park lies in a few sites on BLM land to the north and south of park boundaries, with plenty of space for several large RVs. There is also backcountry camping inside the park, but...