Learn about camping and boondocking in Nevada

Rules for Using Rest Areas in Nevada

This is the set of rules adopted by the Nevada Department of Transportation relating to the public use of its highway rest areas, including time limits.

Nevada Camping Laws and Regulations

All the laws and regulations within the State of Nevada that pertain to camping, campfires, and other activities associated with camping, including overnight parking...

Nevada Rest Area Map

Presented here is a Nevada rest area map that was created using data collected from Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT). This map was created on October 2, 2023. Also included is a set of rules for using Nevada rest areas.

A Guide to Boondocking in Nevada

Boondocking in Nevada! Boondocking in Nevada is plentiful due to the majority of the state being BLM land along with Humboldt-Toyabe National Forest, and Lake Mead National Recreation Area. There is also free camping at Desert National Wildlife Refuge, and there are also free camping opportunities within the state’s wildlife management areas. Nevada Boondocking Map This Nevada Boondocking Map contains locations of free boondocking and free campgrounds where bloggers and YouTubers have produced detailed reviews. Click on a map marker to access their reviews… [AK] [AL] [AR] [AZ] [CA] [CO] [CT] [DE] [FL] [GA] [HI] [IA] [ID] [IL] [IN] [KS] ... Read more

Nevada Rest Area Rules

Is overnight parking allowed at Nevada Rest Areas? How many hours can you stay at a Nevada Rest Area? Is camping permitted at Nevada Rest Areas? What are the full Nevada rest area rules?