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Nevada Rest Area Rules


Is overnight parking allowed at Nevada Rest Areas? How many hours can you stay at a Nevada Rest Area? Is camping permitted at Nevada Rest Areas? What are the full Nevada rest area rules?

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Saulsbury Wash Rest Area, US-6, Nevada

Nevada Rest Area Rules

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) has adopted rules into the Nevada Administrative Code under Title 408.595 through 408.615 with respect to use of its highway rest areas. The following is a synopsis of these rules…

  • Parking, camping, or occupancy is limited to 18 hours in any 2-week period.
  • All animals and pets must be on a leash.
  • Fires are not permitted, except for in a barbecue or gas grill.
  • Trash receptacles may only be used for waste accumulated while traveling. You cannot dump trash brought in from home.
  • Do not dump waste water anywhere, except in a RV dump station designed for such purpose.
  • A sewer hose must be used when dumping tanks.
  • Commercial vehicles cannot use RV dump stations.
  • Commercial vehicles cannot use the rest area for unloading or transferring cargo.
  • Exhibiting or using firearms or weapons is prohibited.
  • Loitering near any toilet facility is prohibited.
  • Drunkenness is prohibited.
  • Any use of the electricity in a restroom to operate a home appliance is prohibited.
  • Detaching a trailer from the tow vehicle is prohibited, except in the case of emergency repairs

You can see the full text of the rules, word-for-word, at, “Rules for Using Rest Areas in Nevada“.

How Long Can You Stay at a Nevada Rest Area?

You can stay at a rest area for a maximum of eighteen (18) hours in any two (2) week period. What this means is that you either spend all 18 hours in just one rest area, or spread it out over several rest areas. But once you exhaust those 18 hours, you cannot return to any rest area until after two weeks from the time at which you first started using those hours. Suffice it to say however, it’s rare for a law enforcement officer to keep track of your hours, or even monitor your activity across the state. Moreover, if you are honestly too tired to continue driving safely, no officer is going to force you to drive away.

Is Overnight Parking Permitted at Nevada Rest Areas?

Yes. You are allowed to park overnight as long as you do not remain longer than 18 hours over a 2-week period. Nevada does not have any laws or rules against parking at a rest area overnight.

Can You Sleep Overnight at a Nevada Rest Area?

Yes. Sleeping in your vehicle is permitted at Nevada Rest Areas. Because the purpose of rest areas is to promote safe driving, sleeping or napping in your vehicle is allowed.

Is Camping Permitted at Nevada Rest Areas?

Is camping is permitted at Nevada rest areas. NDOT’s first rule states that camping is permitted, just as long as you don’t exceed its maximum time limit for staying at a rest area. NDOT does not define what camping is as opposed to “parking” or “occupancy”.

Their rules do not prohibit from you pitching a tent or erecting other temporary shelters. However, pitching a tent at a rest area, or sleeping on the ground, may attract attention from law enforcement officers. They may keep a watch on you and become less tolerant of your stay.

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