US Forest Service

Learn about camping and boondocking in national forests and grasslands.

Neches Bluff Overlook, Weches, TX

This small campground and viewing area is offered for free by the U.S. Forest Service. All it appears to offer is a vault toilet and a viewing deck overlooking the Neches River bottomlands. There is not even a trash can, a sign posted requires you to pack all your trash out.

Thompson Grove Picnic Area

This is officially a picnic area though the information kiosk says that camping is allowed with a 14-day maximum stay. There are no campsites, it's just a dirt lot where most vehicles park along side the railing. It's a narrow parking lot large enough for small to medium-sized RVs.

Spring Creek Dispersed Area

Spring Creek Dispersed Area Named for a tiny creek that roughly parallels I-84, Spring Creek Dispersed Area is an area of Wallowa-Whitman National Forest popular with campers, hikers, and hunters. Forest road NF-21 takes you into the heart of the area where you will find numerous other roads branching off it, leading you to dozens of free, boondocking sites that offers lots of quiet, privacy, and the experience of Nature at its finest. This area of the forest lies along a mountain range, and elevation here ranges from 3,000 to 4,000 feet. You’ll experience temperatures in the 70s mostly, with ... Read more

Rules for Recreation on US Forest Service Land

These are the full set of regulations adopted by the US Forest Service regarding prohibited activities inside national forests, national grasslands, and other properties they manage.

Windmill Designated Camping Area

Windmill Designated Camping Area, Sedona, AZ Crowding seems to be a recurring issue, with some reviewers noting the Forest Service’s increased enforcement on dispersed camping in Sedona, leading to crowded group lots throughout the forest. One visitor emphasizes the challenges of finding a spot due to the high demand, despite the ample open space in the surrounding area. Noise levels are generally reported as reasonable, with instances of tranquility disrupted by unexpected disturbances. One camper recounts a peaceful Sunday morning marred by noisy tourists, particularly a group of balloon enthusiasts who crowded the campsite while packing up their balloons. While ... Read more

White River West Sno-Park

White River West Sno-Park, Government Camp, OR Located right along the headwaters of White River, right at the base of Mt. Hood, White River West Sno-Park is a popular area for hikers, photographers, and campers wanting what is perhaps the BEST viewing of Mt. Hood. This is otherwise a large, paved parking lot that sees only light traffic during the warmer months. There are usually a handful of RVers camped here everyday. Most of them are full-timers looking for a place to spend a few days to a week, while polishing their skills at photographing Mt. Hood and enjoying the ... Read more

Vedauwoo Glen Dispersed Camping Area

Vedauwoo Glen, Laramie, WY Vedauwoo, Wyoming is located along I-80, between Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming, right off of Vedauwoo Glen Rd. If you head towards the large croppings of boulders, you will see Vedauwoo Campground to your left (north). However, the best camping is to be found further down the road. The road changes names to Forest Road 700. There’s a sign (see photos above) depicting all the marked campsites found along this road. We have always camped at site #E1, located along Forest Road 700-E. Most of the sites marked on this sign can accommodate large sized RVs, though ... Read more

Thomas Mountain Yellow Post Sites

Thomas Mountain Yellow Post Sites, Idyllwild, CA How Crowded: These sites are extremely popular. Site #1 is the most popular because it’s suitable for any size RV and is close to the highway. The other 10 sites are still popular, though they are all located up along the mountain ridge. How Noisy or Peaceful: All 11 sites are very peaceful and mostly quiet. Site #1 will have more road noise due to being close to the highway, though it’s still quite peaceful. Cellular Phone Signal: Site #1 gets good cellular signal for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. The remaining sites get fair to average ... Read more

Thomas Mountain Yellow Post Site #1

Thomas Mountain Yellow Post Site #1 Yellow Post Campsites offer boondockers offer up to 14-days of continuous free camping with the closest proximity to the greater Southern California metropolitan area. This particular site is one of the easier Yellow Post sites to get into with a medium to large RV or trailer. Most Yellow Post sites tend to require 4WD, high clearance vehicles, but this site requires only a 1,000 feet of dirt road, though bumpy and rutted. Still, many RVs have been able to get into this with little effort. Probably the biggest challenge with this particular campsite is that it’s very ... Read more

Stone Creek Yellow Post Sites

Stone Creek Yellow Post Sites, Idyllwild, CA 4WD is definitely required to get to these two sites. The road up is steep, there is soft sand in places, rutted, and in some places trees and shrub have grown across the road and will brush against your vehicle. In some places, the road is very narrow with only enough room for one vehicle at a time. Site #1 – Suitable for only cars, vans, and pickup trucks. Site #2 – Suitable for only cars, vans, and pickup trucks. How Crowded: These sites tend to remain open much more than other Yellow Post sites due ... Read more