Learn about camping and boondocking in Wyoming

Rochelle Public Access Area

Camping at Rochelle Public Access Area The Wyoming Game and Fish Department offers several “public access areas”, and many of these areas permit camping. Rochelle Public Access Area is popular because it’s located right off Interstate 80, about 15 miles east of Rawlins, WY. Focused along the North Platte River, it’s primarily frequented by fishermen hoping to reel in trout. While camping is permitted, there are very few campers here. If campers are to be found, they’re usually fishermen pitching a tent for the night. Signs posted indicate that camping is permitted only in “designated areas”. However, we explored some ... Read more

A Guide to Boondocking in Wyoming

Boondocking in Wyoming! Boondocking in Wyoming is plentiful due to the location of eight (8) national forests and a national grassland. There is also significant acreage of BLM land. Boondocking is popular in Ashley National Forest due to Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, and in Bridger-Teton National Forest due to its proximity to Grand Tetons National Park. Wyoming Boondocking Map This Wyoming Boondocking Map contains locations of free boondocking and free campgrounds where bloggers and YouTubers have produced detailed reviews. Click on a map marker to access their reviews… [AK] [AL] [AR] [AZ] [CA] [CO] [CT] [DE] [FL] [GA] [HI] ... Read more

Wyoming Rest Area Rules

Is overnight parking allowed at Wyoming Rest Areas? Can you sleep in your vehicle at a Wyoming Rest Area? How many hours can you stay at a Wyoming Rest Area? Is camping permitted at Wyoming Rest Areas?